In our Etsy [dot-com] shop, there is a forum for customers to share their thoughts about their TPP Progress brand pieces. Today, I thought it would be nice to share some of that feedback with you…

dustinwcc says:
“After receiving my Progress Project iPad sleeve, I can say that I have never used my iPad more. Your product compliments technology in every way; style, protection, and convenience. I even use the side pocket to carry my iPhone. I would recommend your products to anyone looking [for] the best in innovative mobile product protection. In gratitude and appreciation, Dustin Brown”

maisonboutique says:
“I love my new tote! What a great idea to recycle old signage. It’s perfect for a shopping tote or a gym bag – I just received it today and already using it. I will be back to shop again soon. PS: Can’t beat the prices!”

JennJenn1984 says:
“What an AWESOME bag!!! Well put together and artistically BEAUTIFUL to look at! In one day I have had 8 people ask me where I got it! BUY ONE TODAY! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!”

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Recently We sold a piece to Niamh Scott of That’s rad all by itself, but it gets better! She loves her Recycled Billboard Messenger Bag so much that she invited us to participate in her art show that benefits her foundation. What a great experience! Not only did we sell some stuff, we met some really cool people. Check out Eric Wixon, a local artist @