December 2, 2011

Recently, while attending the Sacred Craft expo in Del Mar, I was very fortunate to meet (among many other RAD folks) the fellas from Sustainable Surf.  These guys are doing some really great things to green up an industry that has made a habit out of using toxic chemicals, cheap labor and materials to cultivate a culture that is too heavy in consumption and waste.  Now we have all seen the “green” marketing campaigns that are becoming all too cliche, so to come across a non-profit group that is combining awareness with ACTION is certainly refreshing!  Sustainable Surf works with key players within the surfing industry to dramatically improve the environmental performance of their products and services.  In parallel, Sustainable Surf engages surfing consumers with innovative campaigns around sustainable surfing products, and educates surfers about the lifestyle choices that can further lower their impacts on the ocean environment.

The project that we have been so stoked to work with them on is the greening of the Rip Curl Pro Search SF in November 2011.  Just 2 weeks ago, we picked up nearly 10,000 square feet of banners from the Rip Curl facility…all from the one contest in SF!  Why you ask?  Well Rip Curl is buying back 225 bags ranging from mesh beach totes to laptop sleeves to day bags made with the banners, but there is plenty more material.  If you would like to own a piece of Ke11y history,  support a good cause & get a quality bag all at the same time, this is a great opportunity for you!  TPP and Progress brand protection are sending 15% of our online retail profits to Sustainable Surf for the rest of 2011.  Please don’t hesitate!  You deserve a great bag & Sustainable Surf deserves our support.

Waste to Waves is Sustainable Surf’s newest project and it is awesome!  This holiday season, don’t even think about throwing away your EPS foam packaging!  The stuff we’re talking about is the rigid foam used for packaging…the kind that breaks into little pellet looking  pieces.  That’s the same stuff that surfboards are made with!  Now, thanks to Sustainable Surf & more than 30 retailers in California including Eco Board Works, you have a place to take this otherwise un-recyclable foam!  Please go to Waste to Waves to find a drop off location near you!

Please *enjoy your holiday season with plenty of stoke & responsibility!